Green Cottage RDA

Green Cottage RDA group, was for nearly 40 years, known as the Holtwood RDA, but as they have been at Green Cottage for 30 years now, the RDA has been recently renamed, in recognition of Laura Biddle, – Proprietor of Green Cottage Riding Center.

Please visit their website at

Or search for their facebook page under Green Cottage RDA.

Green Cottage RDA is based at Three Legged Cross, near Wimborne, Dorset. We have no paid staff, relying only on volunteers and as such, have to raise our own funds to keep our group operational.

For many years Laura Biddle has leant us her riding school ponies to use, and cares for our own ponies too.

Consisting of 5 ponies, and a lovely dedicated group of volunteers. The RDA comes to Green Cottage every Thursday morning and help many tutor many diffferent children. The ponies: Piper and Chuckles are the RDA’s ponies. These two ponies have been purchased by the RDA. They also use Katie, Boris &  Monty, and occassionally other ponies are assessed as required.

These ponies are used for theraputic riding for children and young adults who live with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism and Profound Learning Disabilities. This provides the chance to improve co-ordination, balance, mobility, communication and better relationships. Wheelchair bound children are able to view the world from a different aspect and the movement of a pony helps strengthen muscles as they learn to control the animal under them.

Riding lessons include teaching colours, numbers, and speech, using toys and games to make the sessions fun for the riders, who are helped by a wonderful team of volunteers freely giving their friendship and encouragement to the children, who come from both special needs and mainstream schools in the locality.

Please watch their website for upcoming fundraisers for the Green Cottage RDA, as it would be great to have your support to help this great charity.

Charity No: 1073563

Contact us: Tel: 0845 243 5357

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