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Green Cottage Ambassador

Ambassador No longer available. 

Peveril Peterborough x Gosden Prickle Foaled 1995 Dark bay, 147.5cm
Green Cottage Ambassador is an elegant and athletic pony with exceptional paces and jumping ability. He also has a super temperament and has consistently thrown foals who have inherited both his personality and movement. He is ideal for adding size, movement and quality to a mare and also makes an excellent outcross to larger mares. He qualified for Olympia in 2006 and the Horse of the Year show in 2009. Please note: if you are interested in using Ambassador on your mare, due to his age he will only be available to a limited number of  mares each year, please phone on
01202 822632. 

Fijal Jupiter Green Cottage Ambassador x Fijal Prelude Foaled 2004 Dark Bay

 Stud Fee £275 N.F.F.R

Jupiter is a very correct young stallion who has inherited the best from both parents.  He is free moving and has excellent pony type with good bone, he has a sensible disposition and has proven to have a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the introduction of work. His first season of competing as an adult speaks for itself, with numerous wins and placings in both breed and sports pony classes, culminating in taking the Supreme Championship at the Breed show 2008 and the Ridden Stud Stallion Champion at the Breed Show 2017. 


STUD KEEP: Please ring 01202 822632 for Stud Keep. This is charged at a daily rate and cost will be dependant on field or stable needs etc for the duration of the broodmares stay with us. A grooms fee will also be applied to visiting broodmares keep.  .  

  LIVERY: Green Cottage offers grass-kept, stabled or working livery – no DIY. Prices are worked out on an individual package basis depending on your and your horse’s needs. Please phone 01202 822632 to enquire about spaces and prices.
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